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Hold On To The Light  VIDEO

Inspirational, Spiritual Anthem - "When you’ve lost it all, you’re in the darkest of places. Frozen from your fall, your heart is aching, as it races. Crying in the night, back turned to the wind, looking for the light to guide you through the pain you’re in."

Maui Is The Best!  VIDEO

Hawaiian-Caribbean style – Lively, cool, fun song about island living on Maui!


Get Outta Dodge

Funny, energy-filled song in the style of Chuck Berry, with a country rock twist! Life can be crazy! What can you do? Well, just play the game… collect your dough… then… Get Outta Dodge!!!!


Coffee Coffee (Gotta Give It To Me Now!)  VIDEO

Wake Up!!!! Brew it quick! Gotta have my fix!  Get it to me fast!!!  Gotta Give It To Me Now!!!!!


Come Together  VIDEO

We are all ONE people, all a part of the plan! Let's all come together and create and build our world. The future awaits, we make our own fate. We are the beginning in making a new day, building it strong and better in a peaceful way.


It's All About Me!

Hail to the phone and the crazy machines…. makes you wonder about this crazy life that we lead…. It’s All About Me!!!!


What Are You Bringing To The Party?

The question is…. What are you bringing to this world? Do you build up, or tear down? Are you adding or subtracting? What are you bringing to this moment? What are you doing with your life? What are you bringing to the party?


Let Freedom Ring  VIDEO

Behold a place to build our hopes and dreams! America….. you light the way! Shining bright on every one of us. No matter who you are, our freedom allows us to build a future, a business, raise a family in peace. Let Freedom Ring!


 Waiting For The Cure  VIDEO

Dedicated to all those who have been diagnosed with an incurable disease and told they only have a short time left to live, and to their family and loved-ones, who bear their burden as well.


Letter To Mom  VIDEO

A touching song of love and thankfulness, dedicated to my Mom, who gave me so much.... and to all Moms everywhere, who give their undying love and devotion to their children.



In early 2014, a "once-in-a-decade" set of waves hit "Jaws", Maui's most popular surf spot. Surfers came from around the world to challenge and ride these waves, some more than 70 feet in height. JJ & Michael were there and were inspired!  The music video is comprised of JJ's photos of this epic event!


Agree To Disagree

These days, friends and neighbors find themselves at odds with being able to discuss politics with each other, for fear of everyone getting mad. So in a fun way, we ask: Why can't we agree to disagree? And STILL BE FRIENDS?"



These Colors Don't Run

(Written just after 9/11) America, land of the free, home to all I love! Tried and true, the red, white and blue, is what I’m singing of! America, Sweet Liberty... sweet lady shining bright! Standing tall, embracing us all, to live within her light!